Play the Super Mario Bros

With the high-tech consoles nowadays, it never made its return until Nintendo released a cheap console that was a throwback to its classic console. Super Mario was there along with 29 other games so it was really a good buy. It became such a hit during the holiday season that girls were buying it for their boyfriends or husbands. It is a game where you play as Mario, the main protagonist going up against the main antagonist, Bowser. The mission is to save the princess from the clutches of the Mofos deal villain.


Along the way, Mario can collect loads of coins and moves from the very left up to the very right in order to reach the flag pole at the end of each level.

It is good news for Mario when he bumps a question marked brick and outcomes a mushroom. Small Mario will become big Mario and that will give him a boost in confidence. It will also give him a strong stature when stepping on the toads and ducks that are considered the henchmen of the main villain. It is better when he gets a flower as he can unleash fireballs onto the unsuspecting villains that are headed towards him. However, that weapon would only last a couple of minutes before Mario goes back to normal.

Mario’s main attack is to jump on top of enemies and it has a different effect on each villain. The Goomba will get flattened and destroyed while the Koopa Troopa will retract into its shell then Mario can use it as a projectile to take out the other enemies. Goomba looks like a penguin while Koopa Troopa looks like a duck. Another way of attacking them is to hit the brick that the Brazzers discount enemy is standing on. This would automatically eliminate them from the game so Mario can proceed to the next one. Super Mario has become so popular that it inspired a TV series. Every Halloween, kids still dress up as Mario and Luigi even though there has not been any new version of the game for a long time now.

Super Mario can become invincible during the game when he comes across Starman. This is the best type of power of them all as it allows Mario to take out enemies when he comes into contact with them. Each game has eight worlds with four stages in each world. The final stage of each world will have Mario up against Bowser or one of his big decoys that will look so scary that it would make Mario want to go back home. There are secret areas in each game too. Some would make the player’s jaw drop because it allows Mario to go to time-warping which means skip a couple of worlds and even go back to some when they feel like it.

This would give a big boost to anybody who is looking to finish the game right away since finishing one whole world would certainly take up a lot of time.

There are some secret areas that have Mario collecting a load of coins but it is actually impossible to reach all of them or Mario has to do something tricky in order to reach them all. The sound of Super Mario Bros is so addicting that it can get gamers to be LSS by it even if it does not contain any words especially the sound when Mario meets his demise. It is funny too because it looks like Mario is smiling when he ends up dropping out of the game. There will be fireworks


when Mario reaches the end of each world and completes it too. It takes a lot of practice to complete this game as it has gone through many major changes. The game became so popular that it inspired a bunch of alternate versions. In fact, some of them barely resembled the original. Mushrooms getting Pornography Discounts to increase their size was inspired by the fact that it is possible to look for mushrooms in forests and immediately get high after eating a piece of it.